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Video Production company Awesome Audio Visual offer a wide range of services to our clients from a simple one camera set up during a live event all the way through to a multiple camera rig and live streaming services.

Filming your event is a great way to promote a new product or delivery an important message to your clients and staff.

Customers are engaging with video content more than ever. Video has now become the marketing tool of choice for brands and there is no better way to bring your message to life.

Recording your event is a great way to build up a library of quality content with a wide range of different business applications.

Our team of experienced and commercially aware professionals will tailor the filming of the event to your specific objectives.

Whether it is creating a live stream or developing a marketing video for business development, we will look after all elements of the production in a discreet manner, ensuring no impact to the smooth running of the event.

Every solution is different and each offering is dependent on the size of the event, what your priorities are, how many cameras are required and the specific lighting set up required.

All of these factors and more will be discussed with you by our professional technicians on a pre-arranged site visit to make sure you get absolute maximum value from your event.

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