Translation Booths

When holding an international conference or meeting you may have delegates from all corners of the globe. So our translation booths and interpreter service can overcome any barriers in communication.

Our translation booths are very easy to install by our site technicians are they are able to host 2, 3 or 4 delegates in a very comfortable environment.

The translation booths are fully sound proof and totally enclosed giving privacy to the interpreters and the conference audience.

We provide headsets to all the interpreters so that they can wholly concentrate on the necessary communication and we can provide comfort monitors so that the translation booths can be in a entirely separate room to the main conference audience.

Our investment in new digital infra-red equipment provides crystal clear audio coverage without any interference from lighting and other infra-red sources, now a common problem for multi event spaces.

Tabletop Booth:
When there is limited space or other constraints we can provide a tabletop interpretation booth which is not fully-enclosed but blocks the interpreters in front, above, and on the sides and does a good job of keeping their voices from drifting into the room and distracting attendees who are not listening to the interpretation.

What Is The Difference Between Consecutive And Simultaneous Interpretation ?

Consecutive Interpretation:
Is the most common form of interpretation. It is used in situations in which the interpreter and the persons for whom he or she is interpreting speak consecutively, each waiting until the other has finished speaking before they begin. In this scenario, for example, a Japanese speaker would say something and then pause while the interpreter interprets what they said to an English speaker. The English speaker would then respond and pause, while the interpreter relates the response to the Japanese speaker.

Simultaneous Interpretation:
on the other hand, is used in situations in which the interpreter and the person being interpreted speak simultaneously.

Using headphones, microphones, and a sound proof booth the interpreter is able to interpret and listen at the same time.

This form of interpretation is generally used in conferences or large group settings with our translation booths or sometimes known as “interpreter booths”

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Translation Booths

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