Indoor, outdoor, camera riser or 100ft circular stage, Awesome AV can make your stage the focus of your audience. Working with blue chip clients over many years we realise that huge importance needs to be put on the stage and staging elements. The height or position of your stage can have great impact on the delivery of your message.

Your award ceremony, product launch or festival is only as good as the stage that it is built on. Without a good foundation you cannot build an award winning sky scraper.

Staging Is Not Just For Christmas !!!

With many years experience serving our clients in the UK, Awesome AV has an impressive stock of risers, platforms, ramps, stairs, handrails and outdoor stage units to build the foundation for your event.

Whether it is a fashion show in Birmingham, and outdoor Christmas concert in Brighton to an awards ceremony in Manchester we have it covered from the ground up.

Staging Design

Our team of experienced and commercially aware professionals will tailor the filming of the event to your specific objectives.

Whether it is creating a live stream or developing a marketing video for business development, we will look after all elements of the production in a discreet manner, ensuring no impact to the smooth running of the event.

Every solution is different and each offering is dependent on the size of the event, what your priorities are, how many cameras are required and the specific lighting set up required.

All of these factors and more will be discussed with you by our professional technicians on a pre-arranged site visit to make sure you get absolute maximum value from your event.


The main stage stock that we carry is Light Deck, Steel Deck and for small internal meetings and school plays we have modular fold away staging. Awesome AV staging specialist project managers will look at the event space, terrain, weather conditions and the elements that are required to go onto the stage and will then produce suggestions, designs and all of the health and safety documentation to ensure that your stage meets your expectations.

Our staging team will provide full delivery, installation and derig to meet your requirements. Over the years we have produced staging for ice rinks, swimming pools, fashion runways, outdoor concerts, conference stages and some of the UKs top production companies. Let Awesome AV be your next staging supplier.

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Staging for Fashion Shows

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Festival Staging




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