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Delivering amazing and clear sound is a very important production element for any live event. Awesome Audio Visual have many years of experience of supplying sound system equipment to conferences, product launches, and festivals.

However large or small your production is, our team of sound engineers and project managers will assist and advise you on the best equipment to use for your event.


What is a PA System ?

A Sound system comprises of four key elements

  • An input device (microphone or ipod)
  • A control device (Digital Sound Desk)
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers

There are several types of microphones we can offer you depending on what the application will be from lectern microphones for use use in the conference industry to instrument microphones.

All of our sound desks we have in our hire stock are digital and they provide all of the on-board effects and controls needed to produce clean and crisp audio across the venue. With brands like Midas, Yamaha, and Soundcraft you can rest assured that the equipment we supply is of the best quality. Our experienced sound engineers will be there on the day of the event to do a full soundcheck.

Amplifiers take the signal from the digital sound desk and amplify the signal and send it to the speakers.

Speakers come in two types Active and Passive.

Passive speakers require the power from amplifiers to enable sound to come out from them.

Active speakers have amplifiers built into the speaker and are a popular choice for smaller rooms or rooms where space is limited.

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