Seminars are a great way to broadcast new developments that have happened in the business to colleagues. With the opportunity to have a group of colleagues together arises it is good to make the most of it; however it is understandable that not everyone will be able to make the seminar. Awesome Av can help you find your way around people missing out and ensuring the overall message is communicated in an effective way.

How Can Awesome Av Help More People View The Seminar?

Awesome Av can help enhance your resources at your seminar by using webcasting as a way to stream and record a live event or training session to offices and participants who couldn’t attend the event. The use of webcasting benefits you as it gives you the opportunity to broadcast across the globe, it can also be viewed from anywhere, browser, smart phone and on a 4g enabled device. Awesome Av can also help your seminar reach many others by displaying and recording multiple screens where a presentation may be featured, so that the viewer is able to receive the full experience from the event without attending. Lastly, using webcasting during your seminar will allow your participants to ask questions in real time, they will be directly involved in the presentations given and will be able to interact as if they were there.

We have a broad range of experience working on various high profile awards ceremonies of all sizes, from creative events through to large corporate awards shows. Importantly though we want you to be in full control of your event and can tailor each element of the show to your requirements and our team of experts will bring your vision to life.


Why Is It Important To Have Av At My Seminar?

At Awesome Av, we understand it is increasingly important to grow as a company, therefore broadcasting new changes and developments to employees is crucial in order for everyone to have a good understanding of recent progress within the business or upcoming news.

The use of Av gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience by using equipment such as microphones or projectors in order to present. Using Av in your seminars will decrease the chances of lack of attention which as a result, will allow more people to absorb the information given.




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