Pop Up Events

What Is A Pop Up Event ?

Pop Up events are a temporary event or venue that is designed to appear for a short period of time, with the aim of generating brand awareness or to promote a new product or service. Awesome Audio Visual are able to advise on the design and location of your pop up as well as provide the services needed to plan, build and equip your pop up effectively to gain the most attention from your target customer base.

What Are The Advantages Of Utilising Pop Up Events ?

Each pop up event is a unique experience and must be marketed from a unique angle to generate the most interest, whether you are deciding on a public pop up event or an exclusive invite only pop up event targeted at a certain demographic.

Although a pop event is designed to inspire spontaneity, it is critical that it is well planned to ensure a flawless execution, as one of the main purposes of a pop up event is to generate a huge amount of “word of mouth” marketing.

What Will I Need To Open My POP Up ?

It is important to consider what you aim to achieve with your pop up, and have a good idea of the budget involved in reaching your marketing goals before deciding on all of the elements that will make your pop up a success.

Awesome Audio Visual can provide everything from planning solutions, set design and any audio/video equipment that may be required as well as the technicians to help ensure that your pop up runs smoothly.

Additional tech may be used to increase marketing opportunities, and improve footfall to your pop up event such as drone videography to film some unique angles of your pop up event and the live streaming of your event to an online audience.





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