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What Is The Use Of Pipe And Drape ?

Pipe and drape or known in the UK as “SoftScene” can be used for a variety of reasons for an event depending on the purpose of the event. Pipe and drape can be used to effectively to make your event space more versatile as it allows you to split the venue into different sections or block any areas out that will not be in use.

Not only is pipe and drape effective use for sectioning off your venue, but it is perfect as a back drop which allows you to dress the venue more accordingly to different events such as conferences or even a summer party.

Draping can also be used as a back drop to up lighters which enhance the colours chosen and to create ambiance. Using pipe and drape doesn’t have to be boring either; you can get it in different colours to suit your requirements.
Due to the fact that Pipe and Drape is self supporting it can be used in a multitude of venues to change the overall feel of the venue.

What Are Some Good Events I Could Use Pipe And Draping At ?

Pipe and drape can be used for many different purposes at a variety of events such as conferences, Christmas parties, summer parties and weddings. A great use of pipe and drape at a conference for example is the ability to use one room in a venue and to section it off to create breakout spaces.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Pipe And Draping ?

One key benefit to using pipe and draping is that it is a neat and tidy way to create a divide in the venue. Not only this, but the process of assembling the equipment is very fast and doesn’t require many people to set up or take down. The piping is adjustable so you can have it however low or high that you require, it could be perfect for both walkway fencing or to act as a back drop to a stage. Our piping can extend up to 24ft in height and we have just invested in circular piping which means that we are able to create fabric towers or soften existing columns with nice draped curves.

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