Outdoor Festivals

Outdoor festival require a huge amount of preparation and planning, Awesome Audio Visual have the equipment and knowledge to help make that process a smooth one to ensure that all of your A/V requirements and technical needs are met.

Awesome Audio Visual is part of the Awesome Group not only able to handle your equipment hire and technical needs but the management and planning aspect of your outdoor festival as well.

What Kind Of Equipment Will I Need When Planning An Outdoor Festival ?

When planning your technical needs it is important to think about the size, budget and objectives of your outdoor festival, before thinking about how much staging you may need, along with lighting, outdoor LED screens, PA, and general audio equipment that your festival may require.

Looking past your general technical needs you may want to begin thinking on how you will market your outdoor festival, Awesome Audio Visual can provide live streaming, and drone coverage of your event to add a modern touch to your marketing plan. Our knowledgeable technicians can discuss your plan, and help to figure out how much equipment you may need as well as the quality of the equipment that you may need to meet your objectives.

How To Choose A Stage For Your Outdoor Festival ?

There are several important considerations when choosing a stage setup for your outdoor festival, it may be best to look at the kind of acts you are looking to present, as large bands or dance groups will need a lot more space than DJ performances.

It is just as important to think about how large you would like the stage to appear in its environment, if not much stage room is needed but you would like to fill a larger space, this can also be done with large screens or large printed graphics to match the events branding.

Another important factor to consider is weather, especially if your outdoor festival will be based in the UK then you will need to consider heavy winds and cover for your stage set and equipment.





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