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Live music is a great way to entertain clients during your event, and the right equipment is critical in ensuring a crowd pleasing show. The Awesome Group have a wealth of experience and knowledge in putting on groundbreaking shows, over Christmas, summer and many private events throughout the year.

Should I Include Live Music In My Event?

Live music is a great way of complimenting your event whether it is a corporate party or product launch adding live music can bring any event to life and add a unique personal touch to create a more memorable event. Awesome Audio Visual can provide suggestions on live music as well as help with matching the right audio equipment, lighting, staging and screens if needed.

When Should I Schedule The Live Music To Play?

It is important to schedule any live music you have to fit around your event, as well as making sure that the amount of sets and set times have been pre agreed with your musician’s of choice to avoid any confusion on the execution day of your event.

How Do I Choose The Right Kind Of Live Music For My Event?

When choosing which kind of live music you would like it is important to look at the style of your event as well as research potential artists/bands. If possible it is important to try and see your choice of musicians live, or at least try and see a video of them playing live to get a sense of their style and stage presence, as well as browsing for reviews and testimonials.

If you are finding it difficult to find the right band or artist, one of our helpful technicians can make suggestions of proven musicians that we have previously worked with as well as give advice on suitable AV equipment.

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