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Nothing has more impact on the mood and feel of an event than awesome lighting & effects. Regardless of the size or location of your event, whether it’s an intimate wedding party, BBQ reception or large scale charity fund raising event, lighting can enhance your ambient mood.

 Awesome AV has the solution to suit your occasion and we have stylists working alongside our technical team to engage your audience

We believe that lighting design has to be at the heart of any event and we aim to challenge the boundaries of what is possible to create visually stunning spaces that harness the exact atmosphere you are looking for from the event.

Whether it be intelligent lighting, led, outdoor lighting or just stage lighting for a speaker, Awesome AV has the know how and stock to make your event light up! We have specialists who understand the fundamentals and technicalities of what you are trying to achieve.

The key to our designs is firstly to take a full brief from you to establish exactly what you want to achieve from the event and what mood and effect you want to create. From this our engineers will provide a range of lighting ideas and lighting solutions to put you in total control of your event.

Lighting design is a creative process but we also look after all practical and logistical aspects of your project, from staging and positioning of the elements, ensuring that the power supply needs of the set up are met and importantly ensuring all health and safety requirements are met. We have invested heavily in software that enables our creative technicians to programme your event into our software to play your visual states through this software so that we can create, confirm and coordinate all of the lighting elements before we even go on site.

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