LED Lighting

What Is LED Lighting ?

LED lighting (Light emitting diode) is an energy efficient lighting which doesn’t loose quality in the process of being environmentally friendly. LED lighting is one of the best solutions in adding a range of colours to match your branding or create an ambient and beautiful space to truly impress your guests.

How Much LED Lighting Do I Need ?

Awesome Audio Visual has a wide range of LED lighting to ensure that your lighting specifications can be met within your budget and requirements.

The production value of your event and the space and lighting itself will be critical factors in deciding how much LED lighting you will require, our helpful technicians are able to talk through your needs and make suggestions based on your requirements and production budget.

What Are The Benefits Of Using LED Lighting ?

There have been huge advances in the technology behind LED lighting in the past few years, which make LED lighting the perfect choice for most events. LED lighting has a number of applications and can be remotely controlled to switch between effects and colours at the click of a button, making lighting in your event space very easily interchangeable.

Awesome Audio Visual can also be much lighter and more compact than conventional lighting options meaning that lighting can be transported in a more cost effective way, and easily moved around an event space if any lighting changes are needed during your event. The heat given off by LED lighting is much lower than traditional lighting options greatly lowering the risk of accidental burning depending on where your light sources are located. LED lighting is also a lot more energy efficient meaning that they last longer and are an environmentally friendly method of making any event space look beautifully lit.

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