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Organising and in-house conference for employees or an external conference for existing and potential new clients can be a very strenuous time. There are a multitude of options and considerations, not least in selecting an appropriate venue as well as any accommodation or hospitality packages to suit the size, budget and requirements of your organisation.

From venue negotiations, accommodation allocation, conference space, registration, event management to the whole execution of your conference, Awesome AV can assist. Why work with 20 different suppliers when you can just work with the best?

Fortunately, no matter the chosen venue, you can rely on the Team from Awesome Audio Visual to streamline the event delivery through a range of top-tier Audio Visual services and innovative production solutions that can be transported and supplied anywhere in London

Your confidence is assured through proven AV solutions that deliver time and time again. Our world-class inventory boasts some of the most advanced and reliable Audio, Video, Projection and Lighting equipment on the market. In partnering with Awesome Audio Visual, you’ll gain access to a wealth of industry knowledge and the assistance of a dedicated Project Coordinator – assisting you with the complex process of planning your corporate event from start to finish.

No matter the agenda, speaker or topic of discussion, your objectives as an event planner or function coordinator can be better achieved through highly-intelligible Audio, ultra-bright Vision and impactful Lighting. In fact, the perceived quality of the content and engagement of the audience can be greatly influenced by the method of delivery, creativity of the medium and precision of the execution – all of which are determining factors in the overall successful of the event.

What Impact Do You Want Your Conference To Have ?

Your need is very different to that of a conference that you may have attended as a delegate. Our London based Awesome AV office can provide you with forward-thinking AV solutions. By providing excellent value to our clients and striving to offer Audio Visual equipment that is of the highest specification we at Awesome AV uphold positive working relationships with companies and our conference services are of the highest standard.

Stock Conference Set Or Bespoke Design?

Stage Sets are sometimes overlooked but a great conference set will give the high-power impact that you want from your conference.

A conference set is not complete without integration with visual elements and sound quality and this is when you need Awesome AV. Depriving your guests from good sound at any event will look unprofessional, or even worse, completely fail. When launching a new product or hosting a corporate event, it is essential that each individual can clearly hear what is occurring as it raises awareness for your company or brand and enhances your engagement. You may require multiple presenters to have microphones with carefully managed soundtracks over the course of the evening. We will plan and manage all aspects and ensure that every attendee hears every word and gets the same level of spectacle from the show.

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