Charity Events

Charity Events are about maximum results for minimal investment. Awesome Av will help you achieve your fundraising targets and hopefully exceed them. Charity events have to be engaging and convey emotive experiences but at the same time exposing the audience to the special vision of you, the organiser.

Charity events, fund raisers and non-for-profit organisations have a very hard time balancing the budget for establishing an event against the returns that you are looking to achieve.

Our project managers will assist you with the venue, logistics and execution of your vision.
Discover how easy it is working with Awesome Av at your next charity event and how partnering with a high end AV company can enhance your charity event and create maximum return and excellent sponsorship opportunities.

Do I Really Need AV At My Charity Event ?

The simple answer is YES. Staging is an important element for your event as you want your audience to be aware of the vision that your charity is trying to put across.

If your audience are not engaged throughout your event then the associated returns will be minimal. Working with our stage set design team we can augment a bespoke set for your brand and major sponsors or if budgets are tight we can utilise some of our large stock inventory.


Lighting is an immense element in your charity event. The mood of the venue and the audience can be changed instantly with our intelligent programmable lighting designs. Awesome AV technical team will work alongside you to understand your elements and ensure that the lighting state convey your message.


Sound again is very important as you want your whole audience to hear your message and by using our state of the art sound relay systems we can reach every corner of the room.

Awesome Av fortunately have worked on major charity events and we are happy to share our experience with our clients. If you are looking for interactive LED screens, interactive ipad silent auction handsets and live streaming we are on hand for you.

Making a long term positive impact is our goal and working in conjunction with you we aim to embrace your audience to make sure that your brand and message are truly unforgettable.




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