AV Installations

How Can Awesome AV Help With Your Installation ?

AV installations; Awesome Av can provide you with a variety of equipment which you may need to make your event as good as you had envisioned. We can save you the hassle with the installations and give you one less thing to worry about in preparation for your event. Awesome Av’s professional and knowledgeable team can work with you to ensure we are providing you with all of the top equipment that you require to ensure you have a smooth running event.

Our dedicated team will work to install any of the Av equipment that we provide to you. Our team can install anything from truss to lighting and staging. Awesome Av will work with your team to install the perfect systems to meet your events needs. We are able to travel to your location and work to the time deadline that you need us to meet.

What Can We Install For You ?

We can install any stages at any size by using truss for events such as conferences or award ceremonies. Our stage installations will provide a platform for any speakers during the event, all requirements for this can be discussed to find a perfect option for you. Along with stage installations, we can also install audio ready for your event.

The audio installations would be installed with truss so that the sound is at a high level in order to reach everyone at the event. Truss can be installed to create a sturdy structure which will hold all lighting you require along with speakers. Awesome Av can install all of your equipment to ensure you are delivering a high standard, quality event.





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