Autocue Equipment

The autocue is a great piece of equipment which is becoming increasingly popular to use in a variety of events such as award ceremonies or conferences. Using autocue allows you as the speaker, to read the text word for word whilst ensuring a natural flow to your speech and looking out into the audience rather than down at cue cards.

Why Use Autocue ?

Using an autocue will not only ensure a smooth and consistent communication, but it will allow you to engage with your audience whilst speaking. The rolling script you have accessible on the autocue will reassure you and allow you to give a confident and convincing dialogue to your audience.

Autocue allows you to be spontaneous with your speech rather than using cue cards where you might lose your place and stumble. When reading from autocue you can welcome questions from your audience whilst making your speech as the script will then pause ready for you to continue.
Awesome Av can help incorporate autocue into your event to guarantee you are still able to give excellent eye contact with your audience and retain their interest in your presentation. It is especially useful if you are videoing, live streaming or web casting your event or speech as you are able to look at the camera and read your script at the same time, allowing you to maintain the pace in your speech and consistency.

How Can We Help Provide This ?

Our highly experienced and aware professionals will help cater to your needs and requirements depending on the event. The team will ensure your autocue will be discreet to ensure a smooth running event.
All factors can be discussed with you by our professional technicians on a pre-arranged site visit to make sure you are satisfied with the service being provided and that you are getting maximum value to exceed your expectations. Not only can we provide the equipment but we will install it upon request.




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