Acoustic Solutions (Sound Ceiling)

What Is A Sound Ceiling ?

A sound ceiling is also known as a zone array speaker system, which allows hundreds of speakers to direct noise towards a singular plane, allowing sound to be controlled within a specific zone or over a number of different zones.

How Does A Sound Ceiling Work ?

A sound ceiling works to effectively control and direct the sound within a venue or live event space, which is especially useful in cases where a space or venue may have noise restrictions in place due to licensing and keeping staff within Noise at Work regulations.

A sound ceiling is the perfect solution when other traditional methods of sound proofing have proved less effective, and provides techniques in which noise can be directed and controlled by our professional technicians to suit the needs of any event.



Do I Need A Sound Ceiling At My Event?

Whether there are noise restrictions in place, or you would like to have as much control over the sound at your event as possible a sound ceiling can be a fantastic solution.

A sound ceiling can provide a high level of volumes over a specific zone such as a dance-floor while surrounding areas can be kept at medium – low volumes for social activity, giving your event a great aspect of having separate noise zones to meet different guest’s needs.

How Can I Soundproof My Event ?

Awesome Audio Visual can provide a number of sound proofing techniques, ranging from a sound ceiling to employing more traditional sound proofing methods, such as acoustic linings.

Our friendly technicians can talk through your acoustic solution needs and discuss how much soundproofing your event may or may not need, as well as advising the best techniques and equipment to use to meet your acoustic needs.

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