Catchbox – the world’s first throwable microphone is a new and innovative product which helps increase engagement, pace, and excitement in any conference, meeting or educational setting, creating a fantastic method for participation and fun.


Why Use Catchbox ?

Catchbox is designed to be safely thrown around the room between participants, creating a fun and fastpaced dynamic which improves not only the number of questions that an audience can ask and lessens the time of passing around a microphone. Catchbox is an increasingly popular and improved method of key speakers and educators communicating with their audience. Using a Catchbox instead of a standard microphone is a great icebreaker for participants and speakers alike as well as a great talking point for any attendees during and after your conference or meeting.


The Technology Behind Catchbox

The technology behind Catchbox is advanced yet simple and easy to use, it acts exactly the same as a wireless mic except for an advanced feature which auto mutes the Catchbox when thrown in the air or dropped, the only thing participants need to do is talk into it. The Catchbox is designed to be light and soft to ensure no damage to the device and the safety of anyone using it, the design of the device is also manufactured to have great audio quality having been optimised for the sound of speech while also eliminating any handling noise.

The Catchbox has various designs providing the best in quality whether you are organising a small intimate event or a large theatre based event. Not only can the Catchbox be customised to fit the branding of your event or company but the fabrics are designed specifically to be dirt repellent and anti-bacterial to ensure the Catchbox looks sleek throughout the duration of any event.

Awesome AV can provide a range of Catchboxes for hire as well as a friendly technician to talk through your event ensuring your technical requirements are met specifically to the size and acoustics of your event.




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