Truss is a great way to set up the AV equipment which you require for your event to create the perfect affect. Awesome Av can install truss which allows you to position an awesome range lighting and also speakers. The lighting that can be installed into the truss will allow the whole venue to be lit to create a mood for all customers.


What Types Of Truss Are There?

Truss can be used for a variety of events and is equipment that allows the event organiser to take step their event up a level in order to create the best atmosphere for the customers.

Truss such as staging and structure building are used in events such as music festivals or smaller events such as award ceremonies. Stages and structures can come in all sizes, depending on the size of your venue and your requirements.

How Can I Use Truss At My Event ?

At events such as music festivals, truss is a crucial piece of equipment which will help build your event. Structures will need to be built which are most commonly used for stages or even barriers for crowd control.

Without the truss in place for a music festival, the overall appeal for attending might be lower and it hasn’t got the WOW factor with what a customer would tend to expect, including lights, loud music and large screens.


Truss allows you to hang lighting all around the stage to create the desired mood for your event. Truss isn’t only important to have at large events, but also at smaller events such as Christmas parties or award ceremonies as it can be used for entertainment purposes for aerial acts for example.

Awesome Av can work with you to find your perfect truss set up so that you can create the full desired effect at your event.

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