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Projectors and Screens are a simple and effective method used to show visual images or presentations. At Awesome Audio Visual London we carry a large stock of projectors, we use a range of leading brands, from Panasonic, Canon, Barco, Epsom, Sanyo, and Christie.

Choosing the right projector is crucial to make your event a success, you might only require a small projector to assist with a team meeting in conference breakout room all the way up to several Hi-Definition Projectors for an international conference.


Why Do I Need A Projector?

Sunlight has a major impact on presenting your visual message. Direct sunlight onto an LED screen reduces dramatically the amount of information shown. All projectors are given a Lumen rating which tells you how bright the projector will shine onto the screen surface. The higher the Lumen number the brighter the projector will be. We have projectors that have 30,000 lumens which means they can be used outdoors in sunlight.

Our technical team will help you make the correct choice from our range of projectors to ensure that you get the brightest image possible according to your venue.

How Much Space Do I Need For A Projector And Screen?

The “throw distance” of a projector refers to the distance between the screen and the projector. Choosing the correct lens is an important factor, we will advise you on the best combination so that the images your are projecting are as they say “Picture Perfect”. Working with our conference set department and audio team we can enhance your meeting to ensure awesome impact.


How Large Can The Screen Be?

How long is a bit of string? The size of your viewing image is determined by the size of the projector required. We carry many Projection surface sizes both front & rear screens options, we can assist you to make the best choice. With our fantastic LED screen and projection mapping we are able to project onto buildings so the size of your screen is limitless.

There are two types of projection that we use at Awesome Audio Visual

Rear Projection

This is when the projector is situated behind the projection surface, this is a popular choice when there is a stage set with the projection screens built in. using this method of projection eliminates shadows that could be cast by the presenter walking around the stage and in front of the screens.

Front Projection

This type of projection is better suited to events when the screen surface is flown in the air and when the room is slightly brighter.

seminar projection

Projection for Conferences

pop up lighting

HD Projectors




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