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Awesome Av stock a large amount of LED and LCD and plasma screens to our clients.

Whether you need a single screen for a small in house team meeting to 100s for a large exhibition or roadshow, Awesome AV has your options covered. When LED and plasma screens first came onto the market they reinvented the way that your audience can interact with your event.

We know that plasma screens come in all shapes and sizes so are technical department will work with you to ascertain your requirements and then with their years of experience will be able to find the correct plasma screen solution for you.


Our large 55” and 65” LED plasma screens can be constructed as a large vibrant video wall, perfect when you just need something “awesome”.

These lightweight screens offer another extraordinary dimension when you need something different from a standard projector and screen. The flexibility when mounting a screen onto our mobile units gives you unlimited capacity.

When you are holding an outdoor event or where the ambient lighting is too bright for a projector and screen, our screens can easily accommodate and overcome these issues to bring a crystal clear vision to your audience.

Touch plasma screens make an ideal information point when added with our event application. The touch screen is  ideal for large conferences over a number of rooms, or a large exhibition where your delegates need to locate specific stands. Smaller screens can be used for intimate smaller meetings, comfort monitors with our conference stage sets or ideal for an initial view point when incorporated with our video production, web streaming and live feeds.


Awesome AV equipment includes top quality flat panel monitors, broadcast monitors, professional HD cameras, fastfold projector screens, stage projector and stage lighting and sound. We’ve long understood the synergy between audiovisual, lighting and computer equipment in event presentation industry. We’re the company that provides a combination of these services. Our representatives are here to assist, help, listen, and learn from you.

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