Microphones are the connector between the speaker and the audience. When the microphone you are using is at a poorer quality, you lose the crucial communication between you and the audience; it can dampen your performance as well as lose the interest of your audience.


What Is The Best Microphone I Could Use?

Microphones come in many different varieties; however the dynamic microphone is the most commonly used microphone you will come across. The Dynamic microphone is predominately used for roles such as singing, speaking or presenting as they are the most robust and are extremely resistant to moisture.

The Dynamic microphone is especially popular for on stage speeches as the sound coming through from them is not overshadowed from other sound sources coming from the same stage.

Most dynamic microphones have a limited frequency response along with the ability to withstand high sound pressure levels, making them the perfect microphone to take onstage or even for a live music performance. Depending on the size of your event, one decision that will need to be made is the size of your microphone.

The size of your chosen microphone can determine the quality of the sound; the larger microphones tend to create the smoother and deeper sounds which will allow better communications between yourself and your audience. In addition, dynamic microphones do not need a battery or power supply to work and are fairly inexpensive.

Types Of Microphones ?

  • Lectern microphones (Gooseneck)
  • Boundary Microphones (used in conference room or court rooms)
  • wireless hand held microphones (used by music bands)
  • wireless headset microphones (used by keynote speakers)
  • Instrument Microphones
    wireless lapel Microphones (used in broadcasting)
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