Live Streaming

What is Live Streaming ?

Live Streaming is a new form of live video, which has a number of uses from webinars, training sessions to marketing a product launch to a wider audience.

Using live video this enables customers to engage with a brands event without even having to attend. Live streaming is a live video streamed directly to a given audience or group who can watch in real time as the event unfolds, on a variety of devices.

How can Live Streaming benefit my company ?

Live Streaming has a number of applications that can benefit your company, for a number of reasons; if your event has a few training sessions, or speeches and not everyone can attend then live streaming is a great way to broadcast to those who are unable to attend. Live streaming can also be used as a modern and fun marketing tool to reach a wider audience and generate interest around a new product or your brand. If you have a global company or audience the live stream of your event can be recorded and viewed by your chosen audience at any time in the future from the comfort of their office, home or even on the go from various portable devices.

Should i plan my Live Video Stream ?

It is important to have a plan in place for your Live Video Stream, such as how the live streaming will be promoted? Who will have access to your streaming and what is your main aim in giving access? Our friendly technicians can advice and help you plan your Live Stream and advise on the best possible audio and video equipment for the job.

Although it is important to fully implement a plan for the live video stream of your event it is also important to be fluid with the live stream and take your audience where they wish to go as they provide live feedback.

We have recently produced events with Live Streaming and live polling via a bespoke mobile application that has opened the doors to a whole new audience participation model.

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