What Is The Difference Between Lectern And Podium ?

A lectern is the slant-topped high desk that you as the speaker stand behind and use when reading your presentation notes. It can be placed in the middle of the stage or off to one side. To remember lectern, think lecture. A podium is a raised platform on which a speaker stands during a presentation.

Several years ago the only lecterns available where heavy duty wooded lecterns that were clunky and standing behind them cut off the presenter to the audience. Now our Awesome AV lecterns come in all shapes and materials. Our most popular are truss and acrylic lecterns which are both very robust but also with our intelligent lighting we can enhance this stage element to meet your corporate colours or sponsorship branding.

There is more to a lectern than meets the eye. Some presenters get very nervous on stage and hang onto it for dear life like. Working with your speakers and presenters during rehearsal we can position comfort monitors, countdown timers and remote clickers so that the speaker is able to relax on stage and maybe even venture onto the stage area. Lectern positioning on stage is also a fundamental component; thought needs to be given to the audience site lines, lighting, projection if front or back and also the relay of speakers if more then one.

How Tall Should A Lectern Be ?

The majority of lecterns that we stock are a standard lectern height of 46”. There are adjustable lecterns on the market but we tend not to utilise these as it is easier for us to adjust the height of the lectern microphone or even use lapel microphones then adjust the lectern half way through your event.
Incorporating a bespoke lectern into your event is just another way of enhancing your event in the audience’s eye. Our fabrication team have constructed bespoke lecterns from metal, wood, acrylic, polystyrene and even ice and we are always looking forward to our next challenge.

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