Event Polling 

Event polling allows you to get live feedback on your presentation or speech, allowing everyone to connect with the content in real time. It is a traditional method of gathering event data as the event is taking place. Even people who do not have smart phones can join in via text, making it nearly impossible for your audience not to get involved!


How Does Event Polling Work ?

Event polling can allow you to ask questions to your audience in real time and they can respond by either accessing the poll URL via a Smartphone, tablet or even via text. You can also use event polling to tailor questions that you send out to your audience in order to get the most accurate and related answers to what your presentation focuses on.

Why Use Event Polling?

Event polling allows you to moderate responses from your audience and ensure that your event is staying on track. You can assess your results before making the data go live ready for discussion or analysis. Not only is it a great way to track the response of your audience, but it gives you the chance to pull up a response and use it as a back up to a point that you are making.

How Can I Get The Best Audience Engagement From Event Polling?

The best way to use event polling to its potential is to use interactive questions that your audience will not get tired of answering. You can use an event poll at the start of your presentation as a tester to get your audience familiar with it along with creating a talking point to break the ice. You can create a relationship with your audience by using event polling as you can pull up live results which will make your audiences response feel valued.

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