What Is A Drone ?

Drones otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are flying robots that can be controlled remotely by a drone pilot, or can fly autonomously through software operated flight paths using onboard GPS and sensors.


How Can A Drone Be Used At My Event ?

A drone has a number of photography and videography uses and is a modern method of documenting your event from aerial angles. You may want to document your event from the perfect angles for a variety of marketing purposes; a drone can even be used in conjunction with live streaming to create a truly unique marketing experience.

Our drones can also be used for aerial building inspections, a cost effective method of inspecting buildings using photography, rather than scaffolding or cherry pickers.

Can Everyone At The Event Fly The Drone ?

As much as we would love to let everyone have a go at piloting the drone, there is strict legislation in place which requires the pilot of our drones to go through rigorous training to obtain a license to fly. All of our technicians are licensed and insured to fly our drones, which guarantees the safety of all guests at our events as well as the highest quality images and video content.

What Is The Advantage Of Using A Drone In My Video Production ?

A drone can be used to catch a variety of unique shots that were only previously possible with a helicopter or crane, as well as shots that are completely unique to the use of a drone.

A drone can easily capture a bird’s eye view of your whole event, and is a very cost effective method of doing so. A drone is the perfect method of shooting your event from every angle in stunning HD quality by one of our fully licensed and trained drone pilots, and has a huge amount of application from live streaming to recording your event for marketing video content.

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Aerial Photography

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